Where in the fitness manual does it say that getting fit has to mean suffering? Nope, being active is getting the heart rate up and keeping the mojo high. The Crossroads is your key to weeknight workouts and rides with the family, offering a refreshing change from treadmills and dumbbells. And with the benefits of a Body Geometry saddle and grips, it's one bike that’ll keep you riding with a face that says "joy" more than "suffering."

  • Crossroads Elite

    Crossroads Elite

    $ 750

  • Crossroads Elite Step Through

    Crossroads Elite Step Through

    $ 750

  • 2017 Crossroads Sport

    2017 Crossroads Sport

    $ 510

  • 2017 Crossroads Sport Step Through

    2017 Crossroads Sport Step Through

    $ 510

  • 2017 Crossroads

    2017 Crossroads

    $ 440

  • 2017 Crossroads Step Through

    2017 Crossroads Step Through

    $ 440