Cyclocross demands a lot from both bike and rider, and the CruX has been engineered to give the precise and efficient performance needed to win races, and the durability to win them every weekend. The frame's geometry and character has been created with input from some of the world's most accomplished racers, making for an agile, easy-to-shoulder bike that is as fun to ride in a World Cup as it is in the local woods.

  • S-Works CruX


    S-Works CruX

    $ 7500

  • CruX Expert X1


    CruX Expert X1

    $ 3900

  • CruX Elite X1


    CruX Elite X1

    $ 2900

  • CruX Sport E5


    CruX Sport E5

    $ 2000

  • CruX E5


    CruX E5

    $ 1400

  • CruX Pro Disc Frameset


    CruX Pro Disc Frameset

    $ 2500