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2022 Bike Buying Guide

You’ve been thinking about it for a while now and today is finally the day you’re going to your favorite shop to pick up your new ride. Maybe you have been in a few times already to see and test ride different bikes. Perhaps, you don’t know exactly what you want and are heading in with the intention of buying one today. Either way, we’re here to help you buy your new bike from a Specialized retailer.

How To Choose the Right Bike

Do you want a road bike? Mountain bike? Active or comfort? If you are undecided, the sales staff is here to help. The sales staff will greet you and ask some qualifying questions about what type of riding you like to do. They will help narrow your focus on the bike that is best for the roads, trails, and paths in your area. Once you’re close to knowing what type or types of bikes may suit your needs, ask the staff for a test ride! If you’ve chosen an e-Bike, check out our **

e-Bike buying guide**.

How To Choose the Right Size

Proper sizing is really important when selecting your new bike. Specialized retailers have access to Retül technology that can help you make data-driven decisions for your bike size, saddle height, and equipment. **

Retül technology** has been used to collect anatomical and biomechanical data from over a million riders around the world. With a few easy measurements, Retül software will recommend a frame size and starting saddle height. This helps get the bike into a comfortable and safe starting point for your first test riding experience.

How To Customize Your Bike

You can significantly improve your comfort and performance with Body Geometry saddles, shoes, and footbeds that are the correct size for your body’s anatomy. Specialized **

Body Geometry saddles** come in multiple widths to fit different sit-bone measurements. **

Body Geometry shoes** have an angled Varus Wedge across the forefoot to support the natural angle of your toes. The footbeds have a Metatarsal Button that lifts and separates your toes to eliminate hot spots and numbness. Plus, they come in three sizes to match the shape of your arch height. Strongly consider purchasing these accessories along with other essentials when picking up your new bike.

Suspension Setup for Your New Bike

If you are considering a full-suspension bike, the shop will use **

Specialized’s Suspension Calculator** to get the fork and shock inflated properly for your size and find a starting point for the suspension’s rebound adjustments. This is crucial for maintaining traction out on the trail. Proper suspension setup means you are getting the most performance from your bike. Many stores will start with the calculator’s recommendations, then perform static tests on the fork and shock to fine-tune those adjustments.

How To Register Your Bike

The staff will provide you the serial number for your bike, and you can add it to your profile in the Ride app. This bike registration process activates the lifetime warranty on your new frame and starts your relationship with Specialized’s Rider Care team. They will provide you with more information and education about your new bike. Registering your bike right away ensures that you will have reliable and quick support from the store and Specialized if there is ever an issue with your bike’s frame or components. Once your bike is registered, you’ll get a welcome email from the Rider Care team providing links to additional resources so you can learn everything there is to know about caring for your new ride.

Servicing Your New Bike

The staff will have completed a technical check over on your bike before your arrival. Mechanical, hydraulic, and any electrical components have been thoroughly checked over and adjusted properly. That does not mean they will be perfect forever. In fact, these parts often settle in after you have pedaled your bike a while and will need to be adjusted again. That’s why the store will offer a complimentary 30-day check-in. They may even go ahead and schedule that appointment before you roll your bike out the door that day.

What Comes With Your New Bike?

Your bike will come with a few extra small parts that can be different across bike types and models. The staff will provide these to you, be sure to know what they are and how they may be useful in the future. If your bike has any rechargeable electronics, they will also give you the appropriate charger. For example, you may have an electronic drivetrain that needs to be charged once a month. The staff will show you where and how to charge these components to keep you riding through the season.

How To Clean Your Bike

The staff will also teach you a couple of things that you can do at home to keep your bike running smoothly. A clean bike is a fast and happy bike, and there are best practices for keeping it that way. Using soap and water is good, but you should avoid spraying water directly at moving parts. Never use a high-pressure sprayer to clean your bike. Wipe and lubricate your chain regularly. They should suggest the best type of chain lube to use for your area and riding conditions. For Turbo ebikes, please follow the steps in our ebike maintainance guide.

Everything You Need To Buy a New Bike

Proper sizing and suspension setup are key for an awesome riding experience. Consider customizing your riding experience with additional **

Body Geometry** equipment. Knowing where and who you can ride with locally will keep you motivated to get out and pedal. **

Registering your bike** activates your lifetime warranty and puts you in touch with the Specialized Rider Care team so you can be confident in your new purchase.

Now all that’s left is enjoying the ride.