It’s all about the hustle—in work and in play. You have your commute to crush, errands to check off, and a social life that fills up every hour of your weekend. The Turbo Vado is the perfect wingman to your hectic schedule, giving you the power to go farther, faster, and keep fit while doing it. Yours is a busy life—you deserve a faster bike.

It's a Bike First
We Just Gave It Some Power
Developed from the ground up with 40 years of experience, it delivers a ride that leaves no doubt in your mind that you're riding a bike—just with some extra "oomph" from our revolutionary Specialized e-Bike Technology.
Integration is Your Friend
Everything's Where It Should Be
Experience full integration with an integrated, removable, and lockable battery. Our Specialized e-Bike Motors are the smoothest and quietest on the planet. And with the integrated battery, we put the total package in a more streamlined chassis. Sweeeeeet.

Smarter Rides Await

We Work Hard so You Can Work, Well, Not as Hard

Life moves fast, so it’s only logical that you’d want to navigate it at a pace that matches it. The Turbo Vado is all about helping you fit all the elements of your lifestyle—the work, the play, and family time—into your hectic day. They say life is balance—it’s time to find it with the Turbo Vado.

It's What's Inside that Counts

Each component, from the motor to the battery, works in harmony to give you a fully integrated, pedal-assisted system that’s the perfect accomplice to your hectic schedule. And with its modern aesthetic and feel, the Vado has raised the bar in e-bike design.
You're in Control
Meet the Motor
SHHHHHH! There's a motor workin' here. It’s eerily silent, and with its pedal-assisted, custom-tuned power, it multiplies your pedaling input by up to 320%. To run, it uses custom software that senses the torque you’re applying in each pedal stroke, and an algorithm amplifies the power that you’re putting in. The more power that you apply, the more power it puts out. It’s all up to you.
The Power's in Your Hands
Ever Been Excited About a Battery Before?
Like the motor, it’s customizable and fully integrated, however, it’s also easily removable, so you can charge it from wherever you want.

Take It Away, Turbo Vado

Life is to be enjoyed, especially when it’s coming at you at warp speed. Things pile up, the “to do” list keeps growing and growing, and let’s not forget you have to fit a workout in there somewhere, right? The Turbo Vado is ready and waiting whenever you need to get things done efficiently, fast, and in total comfort. You have a busy life, it’s time you had a faster bike.