The only suspension that thinks for you.



The only suspension that thinks for you.

brain technology

Firm When You Want It... Plush When You Need It

Forks and shocks should always make you faster—never slow you down with energy-sucking suspension bob. That’s why we created Brain—ingenious technology that keeps your fork and shock firm when the trail is smooth, then automatically turns your bike plush the moment your tires meet rocks and roots. This is suspension made smart. It’s also suspension that’s propelled generations of racers to Olympic, World Championship and World Cup racing glory.

Hardtail Efficient. Full-Suspension Control.

The Brain is a clever inertia-valve that knows the difference between you hammering the pedals and the trail hammering you.

Stand up and sprint: your Brain-equipped suspension stays firm, transferring every ounce of effort into speed. Start hitting roots and rocks, and the Brain inertia valve reacts to the terrain forces by opening up, allowing oil to flow and freeing your suspension to soak up the hits…giving you more control and, yup, more speed.

Smarter Than Ever

Brain technology helps us create the most efficient pedaling full-suspension and hardtail bikes possible. On that score, it’s unrivaled. Evolution, however, never takes a coffee break. Riders want both a firm platform for sprints and a more supple feel. Our Position-Sensitive forks and Brain 2.0 rear shocks deliver both.

We improved the Brain’s sensitivity—making it respond more quickly and smoothly to that first impact. It’s seamless on big and small hits. And since keeping weight low is always key in cross-country racing, this latest Brain shock is just half the weight of the original.
Mike "Mick" McAndrews, Suspension Guru
Meet the Brain
Position-Sensitive Forks For The Win

With our Position-Sensitive Brain forks, the first 25 millimeters of suspension travel is now free floating—like a conventional fork—then the Brain’s inertia valve kicks in. End result? Our new Brain-equipped forks continue to provide the best possible platform when you are pounding the pedals, yet they are also smoother on small bumps and chatter, giving you more traction, control—and speed—on both climbs and descents.

Brain 2.0

We mounted the latest generation Brain shock closer to the axle, making it responsive to the smallest of bumps. We also reduced oil turbulence for consistent suspension performance, no matter how big and fast the hits come. Next, we ditched the Brain’s original floating piston for a bladder system that yields even smoother action.

The world’s smartest suspension just got even smarter.

Meet the new Brain.

You can feel it. The suspension is smoother. You get less vibration and shock transmitted through your body. And that makes for more confident descending and cornering because your wheels are maintaining better contact with the ground and giving you better grip.
Ned Overend, Six-Time National Champion, former Mountain Bike World Champion, a.k.a. “The Lung”