You have places to go, people to see, and fitness goals to achieve. We get it—life moves pretty fast, so it's a good thing we made the Sirrus to help you with all of it. Wherever you're heading, Sirrus will take you there.

Real Fit. Real Fast.

Who Couldn't Use More Comfort?
Future Shock
Smoother, faster, all-around more comfortable. We don't think you should need an advanced degree to know how the Future Shock works—you just need one ride. It's a little piston inside the head tube that soaks up bumps, rough patches, or whatever else you might ride over, with 20mm of suspension travel.

Don't let its subdued appearance fool you—the Sirrus is packed to the gills with innovative technical features that'll have you smiling while you sweat.

Power at Your Fingertips
Disc Brakes Forever
When you can stop faster, life is just better. With disc brakes, you're able to stop on a dime, so you have more control and safety on your rides. And hey, if you go a little quicker, we won't tell anyone.
Your Butt Will Thank You
Body Geometry Saddles
The most comfortable saddle you've ever ridden isn't an upgrade, it comes with your Sirrus. We're always testing, not just in the lab, but out in the world with real people like you. And over the years, we've taken thousands of individual data points to make Body Geometry saddle designs that are out-of-this-world good. No discomfort. No numbness. Just awesome. It's a ton of work, but your butt is worth it.

The Touch of Perfection

Body Geometry Grips

More control and comfort are within hand's reach. Just like with our saddles, we're always working with riders from around the globe to make our grips more comfortable. We take a metric ton of digital data and use it to create ergonomic grip shapes that fit to your hands like a glove.
Poised for Success
You're in the Perfect Position
If you're not comfortable, you're not riding. Don't worry—we got you, friend. We completely redesigned the way the Sirrus fits to your body by using input and data from riders like you. And now, the bars are easy and comfortable to reach, you're positioned comfortably forward for more efficiency, and we took special care to ensure that each frame size provides you with the perfect fit. 10 points for Gryffindor!

Whatever your goals are on the bike, you can do them with Sirrus.

It's the Perfect Commuter
This thing is built to get you where you're going. It has room for up to 35mm tires for added comfort and control, plus it's ready for a rear rack to lug your stuff and our Plug + Play fenders to keep you dry when it's wet out. Wherever you need to go, Sirrus will get you there.
And an Even Better Training Partner
Be the fitter, better version of you. It's a bold statement, but when the deck's stacked in your favor, exercising is less of chore and dare we say it, actually fun. So whether you're cruising or going for personal records, this bike's tall stack of gears and efficient design are going to cheer you on each step of the way.

Enough Tech. Let's Ride.