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    Unrivaled Power, Confidence, and Versatility

    Tero’s unrivaled power, confidence, and versatility open up whole new landscapes for exploration.
    Combining rugged mountain bike handling and capability with a Full Power 2.2 motor, Tero gives your legs and heart an intuitive helping hand, empowering you to ride farther, more confidently, and to explore new landscapes.

    Surefooted, Stable, Fun, Fast

    You can have it all. This is you, only faster.

    Whether exploring off the map or hauling the groceries, Tero gives you the power to ride where you want, how you want, without limitations.

    One bike for all seasons, all terrain, all purposes. The confident off-road manners that make Tero such a fun trail bike—accurate steering, stable handling, smooth-riding—also make it perfect for loading up and hitting the road. Rack and fender mounts are integrated into the ultra-strong chassis, designed to help you haul up to 27kg smoothly and with total ease.

    Ride Into the Future Now

    You and your bike both become better over time.