Gravel is for Everyone

For many, riding gravel bikes off road is simply fun. Anyone can do it, at any speed, however they want. The destination is down to what you feel on the day. It could be a new route to a far flung cafe, or just spend time getting lost in your local woods. Riding is for everyone on any kind of bike. Electric bikes bring offroad adventures to even more people.

We caught up with riders Jun and Vanessa, to get their thoughts on what they like about gravel and what they see in the future of the sport.


Why would you ride a Turbo Creo?

It allows you to have an extended day of riding, covering lots of distance without getting exhausted. Having that extra boost really gives you the confidence to tackle any terrain.

What do enjoy most about riding gravel?

It opens up a whole new world of riding, getting lost and off the beaten path becomes fun and part of the adventure. Not worrying about speed and distance, it’s all about having a good time.

What are your top 5 tips for having a good time on gravel?

1. Get a route that has a bit of everything, road/gravel/mud/climbs/decents/techy bits
2. Do lots of skids
3. Ride with a group of friends
4. Bring snacks
5. Make sure there’s at least a couple of decent stops either at a cafe or pub

What do you enjoy most about riding Gravel?

I love the different scenery you get with gravel, beautiful fields, quaint remote villages, mysterious forests, gnarly climbs and technical descents. No traffic, just you and nature, it's so liberating.

What's your vision for the future of cycling?

Cycling is for everyone. Helping promote the collectives, clubs and teams that actively invite diverse participation is essential to increase representation. Uniting people in a community that understands them and their needs helps forms friendships and retains new members, who in turn encourage the next intake of participants. If you can teach people the handling, navigation and mechanical skills they need to feel independent going on off-road rides alone is key too. Things are going in the right direction thanks to incredible groups like WCCC, steezy, sisters in the wild, London bike kitchen and many countless others are driving these values.

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