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S-Works Turbo 2Bliss Ready T2/T5

We deliver! Just say when and how.

When tubeless performance on race day is mandatory but durability for rough roads all season is just as important the S-Works 2BR delivers – from cobbled classics to your daily lunch ride. Our all-new Gripton T2 compound is the fastest, most efficient compound we’ve ever created. We’ve combined this with the legendary grip of our Gripton T5 compound on the shoulders to the Turbo 2BR more grip, speed, and durability than ever before – six watts faster vs the previous 2BR and just 260 grams for a 26mm tire.

As a tubeless tire, the new Turbo 2BR can self-seal punctures when used with RapidAir sealant, that is if a puncture can ever pierce the Blackbelt protection under the tread which delivers 8% more puncture protection than the previous tire. This new Blackbelt was created using hybrid-Kevlar protection under the tread. You’ve not only got improved puncture protection but lighter weight and more flexibility for a more supple ride.

The new S-Works Turbo 2BR is also compatible with both hooked and hookless rims for the flexibility to ride the wheels and pressure you want. Our new Zylon reinforced beads also exceed hookless burst pressure standards by 200% for ultimate peace of mind. When it’s all about efficiency and great handling in concert with incredible durability you’ll see the S-Works Turbo 2BR performing everywhere from the World Tour to local training rides.

Tubeless Performance

Tubeless systems significantly reduce the amount of material that must deform, which reduces friction and loses less energy, leaving more energy to propel you forward. The tire also deforms easier in response to road imperfections, giving you better grip and a more comfortable and controlled ride.

BlackBelt Puncture Protection

The slowest tire is a flat tire. That’s why we’ve developed all-new BlackBelt Puncture protection using a new hybrid Kevlar breaker. Our BlackBelt breaker is now lighter and stronger, delivering up to 8% more puncture protection than previous iterations. It’s more flexible too, delivering a supple and confident ride.

GRIPTON® T2 Compound

Our engineers created an entirely new rubber compound by tuning the mechanical stretch and relaxation of polymer chains. Yeah, they’re kinda mad scientists. The result? S-Works tires with all-new GRIPTON® T2—the fastest, most efficient compound we’ve ever created—in the center combined with the legendary grip of our GRIPTON® T5 on the shoulders.

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