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    Men's Diverge E5 Sport


    2018 Men's Diverge E5 Sport

    With the Diverge Sport, you'll be prepared for anything, from smooth tarmac to the loosest, roughest tracks out there. It's packed with all the same technologies as its pricier cousins, only its spec places an emphasis on reliable performance, not components so flashy you'll be eating nothing but top ramen for months.

    With a completely redesigned frame, the new Diverge is more capable than ever. And with the constant goal to best meet your needs, we took your number one request into account—tire clearance. The new frame will comfortably fit up to 700x42mm tires with plenty of room for mud, too. Along with tire clearance, weight was a large factor in the development, and taking some design cues from the development of the Roubaix, we developed an E5 Premium Aluminium frame that’s plenty light, certainly stiff for hard efforts, and undeniable durable.

    Next up, we moved away from a traditional ‘cross geometry, instead opting for something that hasn’t been seen before—Open Road Geometry. We know what you’re thinking, “it’s just another marketing term,” but for the Diverge, we truly did develop an entirely new geometry. With a touch less hyperbole, you can think of it as a road version of modern trail bike geometry. It provides playful handling and predictable steering for endless dirt skids and mid-corner drifts. The geo features a bottom bracket that's over a half-centimetre lower than the previous Diverge, a slacked-out head tube angle, short chainstays, and a short wheelbase. These changes make for a bike that's not only fun in the dirt, but also performs well on the road.

    And while riding gravel and dirt roads on a road bike may add to the adventure, there’s only so much that wider tires with lower pressures can absorb, in terms of bumps. With this in mind, we implemented a new version of our Future Shock into the Diverge design. It not only soaks up bumps with ease, but also adds the benefit of extremely predictable handling. That's because the wheelbase isn’t lengthening when you hit a bump, so the front end of the Diverge keeps the same effective head tube angle. In other words, when you dive hard into a turn, you won’t be surprised by under steer or sloppy handling. Unlike the original Future Shock, the Diverge's version features a progressive spring that makes this technology more suitable for off-road applications, where stiffer suspension is often needed to soak-up larger bumps and obstacles.

    To add to its multi-faceted talents, we topped the new Diverge off with three water bottle mounts, and mounts for racks and fenders,–so while it’s one of the most fun bikes you’ll ever shred fire roads on, it’s equally adept at bike packing, commuting, or even a spin to your local brewery. The spec, meanwhile, hits right on the money with a sturdy Shimano Sora groupset, hassle-free mechanical disc brakes, and a strong Axis Sport wheelset.

    Technical Specifications

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    Specialized E5 Premium Aluminum, Open Road Geometry, threaded BB, 12x142mm thru-axle, flat mount disc



    Body Geometry Toupé Sport, steel rails, 143mm


    Alloy, 2-bolt clamp


    Alloy rack mount seat collar, 31.8mm


    Specialized Shallow Drop, 6061, 70x125mm, 31.8mm clamp


    Specialized, 3D forged alloy, 4-bolt, 7-degree rise


    Specialized S-Wrap



    Specialized FACT carbon, flat-mount disc, 12x100mm thru-axle



    Axis Sport Disc


    Axis Sport Disc


    Espoir Sport, 60 TPI, wire bead, double BlackBelt protection, 700x30mm


    Espoir Sport, 60 TPI, wire bead, double BlackBelt protection, 700x30mm


    700x28/38mm, 48mm Presta valve



    Shimano Sora


    Shimano Sora, braze-on


    Shimano Sora, long cage, 9-speed


    Sunrace, 9-speed, 11-32t


    Praxis Alba 2d




    KMC X9, 9-speed w/ Missing Link™



    Tektro Mira, flat mount, mechanical disc


    Tektro Mira, flat mount, mechanical disc



    Nylon, 105x78x28mm, loose balls w/ reflectors

    * Weights based on production painted frames as pictured. Actual weights will vary based on colourway, frame size, and component variation. Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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    Crank Length170mm170mm172.5mm172.5mm175mm175mm
    Handlebar Width400mm420mm420mm420mm440mm440mm
    Stem Length70mm90mm100mm100mm110mm110mm
    Saddle Width143mm143mm143mm143mm143mm143mm
    Seatpost Length350mm350mm400mm400mm400mm400mm
    Head Tube Length125mm130mm143mm163mm190mm213mm
    Head Tube Angle70.8°71°71.9°72.5°72.5°72.8°
    BB Height265mm265mm265mm265mm265mm265mm
    BB Drop85mm85mm85mm85mm85mm85mm
    Fork Length, Full390mm390mm390mm390mm390mm390mm
    Fork Rake/Offset50mm50mm50mm50mm55mm55mm
    Front Center593mm598mm600mm604mm618mm629mm
    Chainstay Length422mm422mm424mm424mm424mm424mm
    Top Tube Length, Horizontal524mm532mm549mm561mm575mm589mm
    Bike Standover Height712mm734mm761mm783mm810mm837mm
    Seat Tube Length405mm440mm473mm500mm525mm555mm
    Seat Tube Angle73.5°73.5°73.5°73.5°74°74°

    Rider Reviews

    • 4.3
    • 8 Reviews

    Amazing bike!

    This bike can do just about anything. It's fast! It's stable even with the stock 30mm tires. I just rode a 53 mi ride in Mankato, MN. Longest so far and as comfortable as can be. Bike shorts are a must with stock seat but man I'm feeling a century ride or two next year. Possibly the Death Race in California. Gonna get some clip pedals and maybe aero bars but other than that the tekto brakes work great and the sora group set hasn't failed me yet. About 300 miles my first year, definitely gonna tip that in 2020. Probably gonna get some heavier tires like the continental gators, I prefer piece of mind over performance, and I don't carry a repair kit either.



    Love my Bike

    Bought this bike as my first foray into drop bars away from mountain biking. Was bought intended for a mix of road and gravel rides and has done both way better than I had hoped. On the road I find I'm able to keep up with people on road bikes whilst on the gravel it performs just as great as more expensive dedicated gravel machines. The only thing I've changed is to add some flared bars for those aggressive gravel downhill segments.



    Super happy with this bike.

    I've had mine for 2 months and I absolutely love it. It handles very nicely on winding roads and tight dirt trails. The stock 30mm tires handle well on hard dirt and gravel so I'm not afraid to take the dicey shortcuts to work. Speed and road performance is superb with me being able to keeping up with friends on higher end road bikes.



    Pleased with my bargain gravel bike...

    I read up about this bike before I bought it and after wandering into my local store and seeing it had been massively reduced, I swooped in for it without hesitation. Compared to my road bike, it wasn't as quick, but I'm putting that down to the noticeably larger tyres and perhaps a lack of fitness on my part! Speaking of tyres, I'm certain to swap these for something else - most likely Grand Prix 4 Seasons as they were my previous choice on my Allez. I came off on a corner on the stock 30mm Espoir supplied and have little confidence in them. Overall I like the bike and the feel but need more time to adjust from my Allez and with some better tyres.

    Stevie M.


    Missed opportunity

    I bought the Diverge E5 Comp as a winter trainer/commuter/occasional cross bike, but as yet have not been impressed by the bikes all round performance. For me the geometry is hit and miss, and at 6 ft 4 I can't find a position that doesn't feel like I'm not sitting on top of a childs bike (even on a 61 cm frame). On the road, compared to any half decent road bike or even winter hack, it is sluggish and vague. I'm not sure if this is down to the geometry, overall bulk of the bike or the wheels and tire combo, I'm going to upgrade the tires to GP4 Seasons in the hope this answers some of the sluggishness. The spec is ok, the gears have been faultless so far but the brakes are pretty indifferent (performing worse in the dry than the 105 calipers on my old winter bike, as to wet weather performance, I'm yet to try them as to be honest the bike just doesn't encourage me to ride at all let alone in bad weather). Off road, the open road geometry seems to work, the bike is controllable and confidence inspiring and suddenly I like the bike again. Ultimately I can see there is a very capable and great idea of a bike in the Diverge but it only works if you fit the bikes geometry and I think with higher spec points (better wheels, tires and possibly the carbon framed version) to counter act the lack of road feel and responsiveness the geometry gives it. Bit disappointed as it promised a lot! Gave up on the bike after the winter and sold it. Haven't missed it.

    Tom R.


    Absolutely hate this bike...

    I have owned my Diverge for about 3 months, nothing but problems. Maybe I got a lemon. BB makes all kinds of noises, have had it serviced about 4 or 5 times already. Bike came from the factory with a cable routing issue in the shifting lever, had to get that warrantied which took about a month to get it fixed.Could not shift out of first chainring the first month I had it on a BRAND NEW BIKE!!!! Every time I turn around there is a problem with the bike. I can not go on one ride without having some sort of issue or some random squeak or noise. Absolutely terrible!



    I would buy it again

    I LOVE my Diverge E5 Sport. Because it lacks the Future Shock, it's better looking than the more expensive models. More than that, it's fast, responsive and rugged. Because of its ruggedness, it makes for a perfect road bike since California's streets are so broken. And fast enough that I have no trouble keeping up in a group ride with those on svelte road bikes sporting skinny tires. And speaking of tires, the stock 30mm rubber is super durable and wide enough to do well on gravelly washboard roads. Although the bike is great, it's not perfect. If you like hydraulic brakes you'll be disappointed with the mechanical discs. And I wasn't satisfied with the saddle so I swapped for a Stealth Pro. But besides those minor grumbles, I LOVE my Diverge and feel great about my purchase.