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    Gravel Racing

    For some, Gravel riding is another avenue to ride hard and fast. Bringing riders from both Mountain and Road riding backgrounds to compete in the coliseum that is Gravel. So whether you’re pinning on a number or trying to drop your mates, riding is all about speed.

    The world of gravel racing

    We caught up with a few of our fastest off-road ambassadors, Amy, Elliot and Lorah, and ask them about the different styles of Gravel Racing, what their favourite kit is and if they have any tips for anyone hoping to get into the competitive side of riding off-road on gravel bikes.

    Why is the Crux your Steed of choice?

    **Amy:**Nothing corners quite like a Crux. It reacts to your every movement and you’re the one in control. A lightweight frame keeps you flyin’ yet it’s sturdiness is a reliable and necessary factor when out adventuring in the middle of nowhere.

    Elliot: The Crux does everything, it’s an insanely versatile machine, I’ve taken it up mount snowdon, I’ve smashed it with the big dogs on the LA Nichols ride, it never misses a trick!

    Gravel Kit

    Take a look at some of the gravel-specific equipment our rapid ambassadors use when competing.