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Take Everything

Bikepacking has been around for as long as there have been bikes. But choosing to do it off-road, on gravel bikes, brings new, exciting experiences. From one nighters from your front door, to multi day epics across mountains.


Bikepacking simply means riding over the course of multiple days, usually carrying your own equipment for an overnight stay in the great outdoors.
We caught up with our ambassadors Dulve and Becky to find out why they love bikepacking and ask them a few questions about their experiences.

Why do you bikepack off-road?

Dulce: I’m multi-disciplinary and agnostic about most things in life, and I also like mixing my riding up. Off-road riding opens new possibilities. Sometimes I can’t be bothered to deal with aggressive drivers that come with road riding, and you don’t need to drive somewhere far to find an exciting MTB trail.

Becky: Competing in road and track cycling throughout my childhood planted the seed of the love of cycling but after years of riding I left the sport. Further forward, the idea of intertwining adventure and bikes rekindled this passion but this time instead of ultra light and speed, it’s about enjoying the journey and merging the outdoors and Bushcraft with travelling by bike.

Bikebacking Kit

Check out some of the bikepacking equipment that our ambassadors and customers use to make the most out of their adventures.