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    FSR Suspension Technology

    With FSR, we blazed the trail in active & independent suspension over 20 years ago, and we've been refining it ever since. It isolates chain and brake loads, and as a result, FSR technology delivers more comfort, control, and efficiency than any other suspension platform.


    FSR Suspension Technology

    We blazed the trail in active and independent suspension over 20 years ago, and in the vein of continually striving to perfect upon perfection, we've been refining it ever since. By effectively isolating chain and brake loads, FSR technology delivers more comfort and efficiency than any other suspension design. And throughout the decades of its progression, we've been able to better tune the ride to match the experience. It's an added edge to your ride that you can't find anywhere else, and it's the driving force behind FSR's multiple wins at both the Cross Country and Downhill World Championships.To start, we've designed our FSR suspension platform to operate independently of both chain and braking forces. Accordingly, the system provides the benefit of being free to compress and rebound, either through a pedal stroke or while rolling over terrain features. Why is this important? Because the design increases tire contact with the ground for a greater percentage of time than with other suspension systems. Needless to say, more contact leads to more traction. And whether you're tearing down the trail or hammering up it, increased traction is inevitably followed by noticeably improved control.

    Unlike other suspension platforms, FSR doesn't force you to make sacrifices in order to tune the shock for specific terrain conditions. Along these lines, you'll find that our patented design enables you to take on big hits without giving up small bump compliance. Or in other words, the active suspension is freed up to absorb trail-induced forces so that your body won't have to. With FSR, you're not going to find the brake squat and chain growth that plague other suspension platforms. This is due to its patented four-bar linkage where the drivetrain exists independent of the suspension. On paper, you can credit the thoughtful positioning of the linkages, pivots, and rear axle, but we're far more concerned with how it rides. So in practice, you feel the sum of FSR's parts, meaning that the power you put into the pedals works to propel the bike forward, not up and down at the beat of the pedaling force. It's maximum efficiency without any sacrifices.

    We recognize that suspension set up can be pretty confusing at times, and more often than not, this confusion leads to an improper tune. Of course, this all amounts to a bad experience on the trail, and nobody wants that—especially us. So in the spirit of the FSR lineage, we saw a problem, so we created a solution: The groundbreaking AUTOSAG feature. It's exclusive to Specialized FSR models, and it allows you to set up your suspension with the push of a button. That's right, one push of a release valve locks you into the suspension performance that you deserve, time and time again.