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    Smoother Is Faster

    Diverge STR with Front and Rear Future Shock

    Suspend The Rider

    Compliance without Compromise

    For decades, we’ve been making riders more confident, comfortable, and fast over rough terrain because we know smoother is faster and the all-new Diverge STR sets a new benchmark. By suspending the rider—instead of the bike—with front and rear Future Shock technology we increase control and efficiency while decreasing fatigue, without the weight, sluggish pedal response, and inefficiency of other suspension systems.

    Suspend The Rider

    Front And Rear Future Shock Suspension

    Absurdly Capable

    47c Tire Clearance And SWAT™ Storage

    Light And Responsive

    Rider First Engineered Fact 11R Rigid Carbon Frame

    Gravel Goods

    If there's one thing gravel riders like talking about more than actually riding, it's gear. From tires and helmets to shoes and chamois, gear makes the ride. So, let's talk gravel goods.