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    Responsible Design

    Built for a Lifetime of Riding

    Every bike we make is built to last the test of time, exceeding our riders’ high expectations for safety, performance, and durability. Like a family heirloom, many are passed on through generations of riders. And while we design for decades of use, we know that eventually there is a need to safely and responsibly retire a great bike. Our commitment is to provide a path for everything we sell to eventually be effectively reused or recycled. It will take time to achieve this, but here are some of the things we are working on, and the progress we have made.

    Service Parts

    We want to keep your Specialized bike at peak performance now and well into the future. We have agreements with suppliers to produce inventory service parts for at least 10 years. This is a unique position in an industry focused on yearly innovation. Even if you can't live without the new model, we know someone will ride the old one for a long time. Your Specialized Dealer or our Rider Care team can help you get the service parts you need to keep rolling.