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    Tú perteneces aquí

    Pasión, compromiso y empuje. Si estas tres palabras te describen, entonces bienvenido; no hay mejor lugar para poner en práctica esos rasgos que con nosotros. Siempre estamos buscando personas con talento que desempeñen un papel impulsor en nuestra misión de lograr que más personas se suban a la bicicleta. Bonificación: te divertirás muchísimo mientras lo haces.

    Las bicicletas tienen el control. Ven a rodar con nosotros.

    Kayla Clarot

    Diseñadora y Conceptualizadora Senior

    "Nunca he tenido tantas oportunidades al mismo tiempo para crecer como diseñadora; aquí puedes saltar peldaños bastante rápido. También es uno de esos lugares donde puedes tener una idea, diseñarla, presentarla y, si te mantienes firme y crees en ello, las probabilidades de que se haga son bastante decentes. No hay muchos lugares así".

    Health benefits

    When you’re as active as we are, it’s important to stay healthy. We provide great medical, dental, and vision benefits, and offer our team a variety of coverage options and plans to choose from.

    Healthy lifestyle

    From legendary lunch rides to covering race entry fees, we offer numerous in-house ways to help you keep fit and stay healthy, including an employee gym, instructor led yoga and cross-fit, and healthy options in our Feedzone.

    Financial perks

    At Specialized, you will have the opportunity to do your best work and define your career. While you’re hard at work, our 401k options, profit sharing, and 529 College Savings Plan will help you take care of your future.

    Time away

    We understand that sometimes you just need to get away and recharge those batteries. Our time away plans ensure you have the time to do so.

    Employee purchase program

    Our products have a profound way of improving people’s lives. Our employee purchase program gives you that opportunity to connect with our products personally and share your own stories.

    Workplace perks

    Culture is defined by a fun and vibrant environment. Specialized is dog friendly, boasts an in-house employee Service Course for repairs and instructive, friendly wrenching, and provides a game room for those ‘time-out’ restorative breaks.

    Do good perks

    The causes you believe in are important to us. From reducing your carbon footprint and volunteering for a charity of your choice, to matching charitable contributions we’ll help you stay inspired and make an impact for the causes you care about.