Global Warranty Policy

At Specialized, our first guiding principle is “The Rider is the Boss”. Our priority is to serve our cyclists with the most innovative products in the world and to guarantee the performance of the products we sell. For this reason, we are pleased to offer one of the most generous and rider-friendly warranty policies in the industry.

< th> Coverage for Registered Products < /tr>< td >2 Years< td>2 Years
Warranty Policy TermCoverage for Unregistered Products
The Lifetime Warranty is a Specialized commitment to our riders . It is valid only for the first owner and applies to material or manufacturing defects in all models of frames and hooks without suspension.

Warranty coverage is valid for products purchased in the national territory and to guarantee this benefit is necessary to have the Invoice of purchase and/or to have your bicycle registered directly in our system.

Lifetime2 Years
The Roval Wheels are covered for life, valid for the first owner and applied to defects in materials or workmanship.

Warranty coverage is valid for products purchased in the national territory.

Lifetime2 Years
The Seatposts and Roval handlebars are covered for 2 years from the date of purchase. As with the wheels, coverage is valid for products purchased in national territory, upon presentation of the purchase invoice.

• Painting and graphics on frames and set of frames;
• Specialized Components;< br >• Co-branded suspension such as BRAIN forks and shocks;
• E-bike engine components;
• Equipment;
• Helmets;
• Shoes.
2 Years
The Turbo Batteries have 2 years or 300 charge cycles from the date of purchase , which came first.

Batteries are designed to retain up to 75% of their original capacity during this period.
2 Years2 Years
As Specialized Apparel Parts have a 1-year warranty from the date of original purchase, as per the Invoice. Exceptions are for products that have specific warranty coverage.1 Year1 Year
For the Owner Subsequent of the product, ie in the case of a second owner, the following rule applies: 2 years warranty from the original purchase date on the Invoice for the following Specialized branded products:

• Frames and frame structures;
• Painting and graphic images;
• Roval Products;
• Components;
• Equipment;
• Helmets;
• Shoes;
• Suspension parts from other brands developed in conjunction with Specialized, such as BRAIN forks and shocks;
• Motors and other system components on electric bikes.

2 Years

Specialized Warranty FAQs

Q: How do I submit a warranty claim to Specialized?
A: Contact your authorized Specialized dealer and they will help you through the process. If you purchased your product on the site, contact our customers directly experts.
Q: What documentation do I need to request activation of the warranty process?
A: You need to have the defective product itself and the Invoice. If the purchase was made at a Specialized store, these items must be delivered directly to the retailer. For products purchased on the site, contact our experts< /a>.
Q: What is not covered by the warranty?
A: The warranty is applied to manufacturing defects, therefore it does not cover natural wear parts, damage caused by accidents or other accidental damage and damage caused by abuse or corrosion. See the complete
Warranty Policy for more details on coverage and application.
Q: I am not entitled to the warranty. Is there any help?
A: Yes. Our Crash Replacemnet Program offers special pricing for cases where the rider is not eligible for warranty service. For more details on this benefit, contact one of our Specialized stores. For products purchased on the site, contact our experts .
Q: I have a warranty issue with a non-Specialized component on a Specialized bike. What should I do?
A: "Third Party" components (eg SRAM or Shimano) are warranted directly by the manufacturers. Contact one of our Specialized stores closest to you for assistance in contacting external component manufacturers.

Complete Warranty Policy

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