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People. Planet. Performance.

We believe the future of local transportation looks more like a bike than a car. Where transportation is the fastest-growing cause of greenhouse gas emissions, the bike is a powerful tool in the fight against climate change. To us, the bike is that and more. It’s a tool for freedom, community building, and mental and physical health.

At Specialized, we come to work each day with the purpose of pedaling the planet forward. For nearly half a century, one goal has remained constant—deliver the safest, highest-performing, longest-lasting bikes available.

In pursuit of this goal, energy is used, greenhouse gasses are emitted, and waste is created. While there’s always an impact to making and moving bikes, equipment, and apparel, we can do better, and we assume that riders expect us to do better too.

We are committed to building quality bikes and equipment, minimizing our environmental footprint in their creation, and establishing an effective path for reuse and recycling of everything we create.

Our Values

Respect for People: We promote human rights in our offices and distribution centers, in our supply chain, and in our rider communities.
Respect for the Planet: We seek to promote the adoption of bikes and their positive impact on local transportation while continuously striving to reduce the impact of our operations.
Strive for Performance: We seek to relentlessly innovate, in order to redefine riders' expectations for safety, performance, and durability.

Advocacy and Outreach

At Specialized, we are part of and inspired by the cycling community we serve. We support and engage with cycling communities to engage more bikers in more places and in more ways. We are proud to work with the following partners:


Outride: Provides research-based cycling programs to improve social, emotional and cognitive health.

Soil Searching: A movement to recognize, celebrate and support the trail builders who help shape our sport and our passion for mountain biking.

People4Bikes: An organization that advocates for programs and policies to make cycling better, safer and more accessible for everyone.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

It's not just about making the best bikes and gear in the world. How long they last and what happens when they become obsolete is important to us.

Areas of work:

- Responsible Production: Actively work to improve the social and environmental performance of our suppliers and our industry.
- Responsible Design: We make bikes for life.
- Reduction and recycling of waste: We want more people on bicycles and less junk in the trash.
- Action for the Climate: Measuring and reducing our climate impacts.