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Mountain Bikes

We are attracted to the mountains for many reasons, whether it's to feel the adrenaline of speed, test our limits or simply escape the daily grind. Whatever your motivation, you'll find a bike here that will put a smile on your face, from ultralight and fast cross country options to super versatile mountain bikes. That's not counting the bikes that tear up any trail that defies gravity. No matter what your style, there's a Specialized for you.

Control. Efficiency. Speed

Specialized Suspension

We create suspension designs—from FSR to Brain—that deliver an ideal balance of bump absorption, pedaling efficiency, and speed. That’s true whether you’re looking for a trail bike that blasts through the rough stuff and rips up climbs or an XC bike that’s hardtail efficient in sprints, yet plush over rocks and roots.

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Smarter, Faster, Stronger

The All-New Brain

The culmination of nearly two decades of obsessive R&D and over 100 World Cup podiums, the new Brain is the most durable and efficient we’ve ever made. Seamlessly switching from firm on smooth terrain to plush and active in the rough stuff, Brain thinks so you don’t have to.

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Perfectly Balanced

This is Rx Tune

We custom-tune every shock to every suspension frame we make. Why? Because when you’re flying down the chunkiest descent possible, and your fork and shock are working in perfect unison, you can ride faster, push the boundaries harder, and have a hell of a lot more fun in the process.

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Cross Country

Speed Starts Here

We've spent decades fine-tuning every detail to arrive at the perfect formula that combines lightness and speed. The result? A full range of fast, efficient cross country bikes capable of redefining a bike's power to tackle technical XC trails. If you want to go faster, we have the solution.


Ride It All

Trail bikes have many challenges to overcome. They need to help you get to the top of the steepest climbs with ease, while ensuring the control you need to tackle the toughest descents, overcoming a variety of obstacles. That's no easy task, but they are characteristics that perfectly define Specialized Trail bikes. If you're looking for an extremely capable, "do it all" bike, start looking here.

Moutain Bike

Complete Your Experience

In prep or mountain bike racing, your bike is only part of the way to victory. What you wear and how you equip your bike directly reflect on your performance. That's why we offer so many equipment and apparel options.