The Adventure Dispatch

Live simply. Slow Down. Explore nature. It's so simple a concept that few choose to follow its path, but this isn't true of the elusive Ultra Romance. In this episode of The Adventure Dispatch, we hear the whole story from the man himself.


Deep in the remote wild of New England lies an enigmatic figure, with piercing eyes like the Night's King, to which many names are attributed. Boltar Benedict, Poppi, Juan Cool Romance, Turbo Romance—it's all really beside the point, as it's his message that's truly important. It's a tale told through unbridled, unpretentious adventure. No, he doesn't ride for Insta-likes, he's spearheading a movement of living simply and getting out in nature. And even if you're not daring enough to tromp through the bush to find him, you're still invited along for the ride.

Engrained in everybody, here, is a certain sense of craftsmanship and longevity, and I like matching bikes to that aesthetic. Just old with that little bit of rust on it.

Ultra Romance

Using the bicycle as a metaphor to how I live my life. I owe a lot of it to just how simple I've tried to keep it.