Bike Extras

It's the little things that matter, and more often than not, it's the smallest things that tend to get overlooked. That's why we've toiled over our collection of bike accessories, creating the finest, most innovative solutions for cycling's smallest problems. Whether it's designing the perfect floor pump, water bottle, or multi-tool, we've treated no detail as too small.

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Turbo SC Battery
£900.00 £900.00
Turbo Vado Battery
£800.00 £800.00
S-Works EXOS Road Shoes
£450.00 £450.00
S-Works Recon Shoes
£340.00 £340.00
S-Works 7 Road Shoes
Starting at £325.00 £325.00
S-Works TT
£300.00 £300.00
S-Works Dissident
Starting at £262.50 £350.00 £350.00
Torch 3.0 Road Shoes
Starting at £210.00 £210.00
S-Works TT
£206.25 £275.00 £275.00