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Prey Trail Pants

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Whether you're going for style, protection, or a little of both, our Trail Pants are sure to be your go-to riding pant. We made them from a woven version of our lightweight and ultra-breathable VaporRize™ fabrics. As a result, the pants are more than tough enough to take repeated spills while you're finding your line (or losing it) without sacrificing anything to comfort. And to further this concept, they also include laser perforated venting that's just as effective at dumping excess heat as mesh only it doesn't create a weakness in the overall strength of the pants. In essence, this means that you won't find yourself blowing them out for a long time to come. In terms of fit, you'll find that these pants are plenty baggy enough to layer pads but form-fitting enough to not get in the way.

Rider Reviews

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Very nice pants and loud!

They are a little on the MC Hammer side of pants. They are a little baggy in the butt and thigh are but that's fine. These pants are not cool at all but they do keep you warm in those chilly months. Fabric is excellent. It's tough and well made. No trouble getting them over my ankles just pull them down, turning them inside out and simply pull them off. Too easy. One guy said he ripped his. SMH. I love these pants even though the fit is a little baggy up top. They do fit true to size in waist and they will turn heads. Most people think I'm either a pro or just straight up crazy. Ha!