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Specialized Soil Searching

A Dirt Revolution

Trail builders are the unsung heroes of mountain biking. We are changing that. Specialized Soil Searching is a movement to recognize, celebrate, and support the trail builders who help shape our sport and our stoke.

Pedal The Planet Forward

Since 2018, Specialized Soil Searching has provided financial, organizational, and outreach support for trail systems around the world. We focus on three essential and interdependent aspects of trail work—ambassadors, dig days, and fundraisers—to assist communities in maintaining and growing their trail networks. Trail advocacy is the right thing to do for the sport, supporting not just bike riding, but creating sustainable, multi use trails as well.

In 2021 and 2022 Specialized Soil Searching Supported:

- 68 Trail Builders
- 678 Dig Days
- 1.600Km of Trails Built or Maintained
- 32 Fundraising Campaigns

Soil Searching Ambassadors

Mau and Santi De Ávila

Two brothers with vast experience in mountain bikes, trails, routes and more. They help us to find the areas that need maintenance so that more riders can enjoy their rides. Follow them


@santideavilag and learn more about each of them.

Contact Us

Join us for Dig Days and help us build and maintain our local trails. Whether you're an experienced builder or just starting out, there's a role for you. Don't miss out on this opportunity to give back to the mountain biking community. See you there!