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If you look good, you feel good. And when you feeling good, you’re unstoppable. It pushes you to do more, whether it’s another rep in the gym, or one more mile on your high-performance Vita. With its lightweight frame and efficient gearing, you’ll become a speedy, hill-climbing machine, while vibration-damping Zertz take the edge off any rough roads. The Vita looks as good as you’ll feel, and with a geometry that fits you more comfortably than your favorite yoga pants, that feeling will last the whole ride.

  • Vita Expert Carbon

    DKK 15998

  • Vita Comp Carbon

    DKK 13498

  • Vita Sport Carbon

    DKK 10998

  • Vita Elite

    DKK 7498

  • Vita Elite Step Through

    DKK 7498

  • Vita Sport

    DKK 5998

  • Vita Sport Step Through

    DKK 5998

  • Vita Disc

    DKK 4998

  • Vita Disc Step Through

    DKK 4998

  • Vita

    DKK 3998