Littlest Ambassador

Ruby Isaac won't back down—she's got dreams to chase and energy to burn. Gutsy and fierce, she's determined to go as fast as she possibly can on two wheels, ride her way to the Olympics, and inspire other kids to get into cycling along the way. Dream big, Ruby—you've got this.


The Roll is the kind of bike you want to put your mark on—and that’s just what we let a bunch of Specialized designers do. Take little internal competition, a little imagination, and let the good times Roll.

'Cross Tracks

There’s the race, and then there’s what gives the race its personality. Join us as we undertake a different kind of UCI World Cup course preview, from the spirited fields in the USA to the hallowed cyclocross stomping grounds of Belgium and beyond.

Worth it

We ride, not because we have to but because of how it makes us feel. While riding, we find independence, forge life-long relationships, rise to meet challenges, and discover who we are and what we're capable of. Find inspirations, and stories of women and their Worth It moments, here

Das neue Tarmac

Das neue Tarmac

It's You Only Faster

Turbo: It's You Only Faster

Die Reifenfabrik

Perfection is all about control. To achieve it, you need to transcend the illusory and play mental premortems with every possible variable. And when it comes to tire production, it can only be achieved by controlling every step of the manufacturing process. So that's what we did. We made our own factory.

Fitness Innovations

Fitness ist viel mehr als nur eine Modeerscheinung. Für manche ist es ein bestimmtes Jahresziel, für andere ist es ein Lifestyle. Egal, wo du dich selbst siehst – wir sind uns sicher, dass du mit Radfahren deine Ziele am besten erreichen kannst. Egal, ob du Pendler bist, gern in der Stadt umhercruist, einfach nur draußen sein willst oder auf einen Wettkampf hintrainierst, wir haben das perfekte Bike für dich.