Bottles & Hydration

It should come as no surprise that the primary building block of performance on the bike is a healthy dose of hydration. And for this very reason, we've created the benchmark for water bottles and bottle cages. From insulated bottles to our coveted Purist technology, we have the cleanest, most effortless means to carry your liquid, while our cages provide secure, easy-access storage for your bottles.

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Product Family
KEG Storage Vessel 16oz w/ Tool Wrap
MSRP: R320.00 MSRP: R320.00
Purist WaterGate 26oz – Hex
MSRP: R200.00 MSRP: R200.00
Purist WaterGate Water Bottle - S-Logo
MSRP: R200.00 MSRP: R200.00
KEG Storage Vessel 16oz
MSRP: R190.00 MSRP: R190.00
Purist MoFlo 26oz – Overrun
MSRP: R180.00 MSRP: R180.00
Purist MoFlo 22oz – Topographic Ride
MSRP: R170.00 MSRP: R170.00
Big Mouth 24oz – Marble
MSRP: R150.00 MSRP: R150.00
Big Mouth 24oz Water Bottle - S-Logo
MSRP: R150.00 MSRP: R150.00
Big Mouth 24oz – Hero Fade
MSRP: R150.00 MSRP: R150.00
Little Big Mouth 21oz – S-Logo
MSRP: R140.00 MSRP: R140.00
Little Big Mouth 21oz – Find Your Road
MSRP: R140.00 MSRP: R140.00