Road Bikes

What is a road bike? A machine? A tool? Or is it a continuation of the body—a paintbrush completing a picture of your true self? We believe it's more than this, as words can't describe the feeling it gives you to ride, nor can they encapsulate the dedication behind our innovative designs. It requires years in the Win Tunnel, on the road, and in the lab perfecting aero and carbon, and it's worth every drop of sweat to deliver you the perfect ride.

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Brake Type
Model Year
S-Works Venge Di2 – Sagan Collection LTD
MSRP: R190,000.00 MSRP: R190,000.00
S-Works Venge
MSRP: R180,000.00 MSRP: R180,000.00
S-Works Tarmac Disc - Dura Ace Di2
MSRP: R175,000.00 MSRP: R175,000.00
S-Works Tarmac Disc – Sagan Collection Overexposed LTD
MSRP: R175,000.00 MSRP: R175,000.00
S-Works Diverge
MSRP: R150,000.00 MSRP: R150,000.00
Shiv Expert Disc
MSRP: R140,000.00 MSRP: R140,000.00
Turbo Creo SL Expert
MSRP: R125,000.00 MSRP: R125,000.00
Venge Pro
MSRP: R117,000.00 MSRP: R117,000.00
Venge Pro
MSRP: R117,000.00 MSRP: R117,000.00
Roubaix Expert
MSRP: R99,000.00 MSRP: R99,000.00
Tarmac Disc Expert
MSRP: R89,000.00 MSRP: R89,000.00
Diverge Expert
MSRP: R79,000.00 MSRP: R79,000.00
Men's Diverge Expert X1
MSRP: R78,000.00 MSRP: R78,000.00
S-Works Venge Frameset
MSRP: R75,000.00 MSRP: R75,000.00
S-Works Tarmac Disc Frameset
MSRP: R70,000.00 MSRP: R70,000.00
S-Works Roubaix Frameset
MSRP: R68,000.00 MSRP: R68,000.00
Roubaix Comp
MSRP: R60,000.00 MSRP: R60,000.00
Diverge Comp
MSRP: R58,000.00 MSRP: R58,000.00