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S-Works Aethos Frameset


S-Works Aethos Frameset

For once, we’re not in it to win. With Aethos, we stopped worrying about winning, or the way things are supposed to be done, and instead chased the greatest expression of ride quality ever made. Well, we did it, and in staying true to keeping that promise, we broke every design, ride, and race rule along the way. And we’re not sorry. Aethos: Break the Rules.

With this frameset, you have the perfect canvas to create the ride of your life.

Technical Specifications

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S-Works Aethos FACT 12r Carbon, Rider First Engineered™, Threaded BB, Electronic cable routing only, 12x142mm thru-axle, flat-mount disc



S-Works FACT Carbon, 12x100mm thru-axle, flat-mount disc



Roval Alpinist Carbon Seatpost

Seat Binder

Specialized Alloy, 30.0mm, titanium bolt

* Weights based on production painted frames as pictured. Actual weights will vary based on colorway, frame size, and component variation. Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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Seatpost Length300mm300mm360mm360mm360mm360mm
Head Tube Length109mm120mm137mm157mm184mm204mm
Head Tube Angle71.75°72.5°73°73.5°73.5°74°
BB Height266mm266mm268mm268mm268mm268mm
BB Drop74mm74mm72mm72mm72mm72mm
Fork Length, Full369mm369mm369mm369mm369mm369mm
Fork Rake/Offset47mm47mm44mm44mm44mm44mm
Front Center574mm577mm579mm591mm606mm613mm
Chainstay Length410mm410mm410mm410mm410mm410mm
Top Tube Length, Horizontal508mm531mm540mm562mm577mm595mm
Bike Standover Height705mm728mm748mm769mm796mm824mm
Seat Tube Length431mm462mm481mm504mm532mm567mm
Seat Tube Angle75.5°74°74°73.5°73.5°73°

Rider Reviews

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…oh yeah - it's light too

…oh yeah - it's light too. If you follow most the press and the forums and the other things on the interwebs people are talking a lot about the weight and then about the price - in alternating order. This is the most fun and I'd say ""best"" bike I've ever owned and it's not because it's light. The uniqueness is how it feels on the ride: Compliant without being soft — playful but not nervous — elegant but extremely fast. The ride quality is exceptional. The bike is extremely comfortable to ride and the compliance adds traction which makes it an extremely confident descender. You can feel that you have more grip. The crazy things is that the compliance does not make the bike sluggish or soft when accelerating. The opposite: Putting down power almost feels like loading a spring that catapults you forward within milliseconds. I've ridden the bike with different wheel sets and can attribute this behavior clearly to the frame. The handling is quick but not nervous. The Geometry is essentially identical with the tarmac. This is NOT an endurance bike. It wants to go fast! And lastly: The bike is so much fun to ride. It feels light and elegant and quick and playful and is just a joy. …oh yeah - it's light too. All things considered the Tarmac is probably the faster bike (I've ridden the same climb on both bikes) and time and power were < 1% over 20 minutes and the Tarmac is more aero on the flat. But the Aethos is definitely more fun!

Cycle J.


Simply Amazing !

I've blown a ton of cash on bikes, you name it Madone SLR, Colnago, etc...It was nice to come back to a light and quick bike. The compliance is amazing and the ride quality is superb. The Gloss Forest green is darker then whats depicted, but in the light the deep rich metallic colors just shine. I would equate the color to British racing green. Also the bottom bracket...thank god we are moving back to easier standards. This bike checks allot of boxes for me including cool factor.