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Roval Alpinist CL II

We deliver! Just say when and how.

Feel your bike come alive on the open road with the new Alpinist CL II, featuring the lightest, best-handling clincher rims we have ever made, elevated with the performance of a tubeless system. The brand new Alpinist CL II now brings mountain-taming performance slightly closer to Earth with a carefully selected build designed to let riders take full advantage of the low rim and spoke mass.

The Alpinist CL II utilizes the same rim as the Alpinist CLX II. They react to even the slightest increase in power with immediate acceleration and carve the purest lines in the corners, yet they can also handle almost double the impact standards of every certifying body. The result is a 1375-gram tubeless wheelset with an otherworldly ride quality designed for real-world road pressures.

The Alpinist CL II utilizes components curated to keep you rolling and rolling fast. The DT Swiss 350 hubs, featuring their Star Ratchet drive system, are reliable and easy to service, while 24 DT Swiss CompRace Straightpull spokes front and rear, laced to the rims with their alloy Pro Lock nipples, are synonymous with reliability and can be obtained at any bike shop.

The reduced rolling resistance of a tubeless setup is undeniable, as are the benefits of improved handling and incredible puncture protection. It took the most extensive and demanding engineering and testing program we’ve ever undertaken. As a result of this extensive development, the Alpinist CL II features a hooked rim that can handle a huge range of pressures up to 110psi and offers an easier set up and mounting experience than ever.

Hooked on Tubeless

Alpinist CLX II wheels are ultra-light, reactive, and durable. They also feature hooked rims, so you can get all of the benefits of tubeless performance at pressures up to 110psi with the flexibility to choose the tire you want and the width you want.

Low Mass. Massive Acceleration.

The Alpinist CLX II rim is the most precise carbon layup we have ever created, the result of over 50 different iterations and hundreds of tests. Sure, they react to even the slightest increase in power with pure acceleration and carve the purest lines in the corners.

Testing Tubeless

After two years and the biggest development and testing program ever undertaken by Roval, the Alpinist CLX II meet our extremely high internal testing standards—standards that almost double existing certification requirements.

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