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Purgatory CONTROL 2Bliss Ready T5

We deliver! Just say when and how.

The Purgatory CONTROL 2Bliss Ready tire is the standard bearer for light trail tire performance. The new, completely redesigned tread features square lugs that bite in on soft soil, while still providing support on hard-packed ground. Additionally, flexible center sipes fold out under braking force for increased ground contact and adhesion. To top it all off, our proprietary GRIPTON® compound helps make this the perfect choice for epic trail rides in any condition.

Engineered Grip

Re-designed staggered shoulder blocks for predictability and corner control on loose dirt to hard pack surfaces. High volume center blocks for traction in all directions. Block-in-block transition knobs adapt to find predictable grip in transitions.

Corner Confidence

Two compound options to build tire trust on the the trail. T7 rolls fast with great longevity but still grips. T9 prioritizes gummy-like grip and filters vibrations with exceptional damping and terrain adaption.

Unmatched Durability

GRID is a light-yet-tough trail casing with sidewall protection, with 60 TPI folding sidewall panels for cut and pinch flat protection. GRID Trail casing is heavily reinforced, bead-to-bead protection, for aggressive trail riding.

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