On the rise

Freerider, Matt Begg

On the rise

Freerider, Matt Begg

Matt Begg is no stranger to swinging his leg over a bicycle and pulling off some wicked moves. Whether he is hitting the trails, at the jump park or in a freestyle arena: this dude rips.

Matt's usual steed is a Specialized P3, but we recently gave him a Stumpjumper Evo to ride and see what he could come up with.

The outcome? Watch for yourself below, then read on to see what Matt thinks about the Stumpy, his other bikes and his future ahead.

Video by Tiltshift Films

Matt, you absolutely killed those trails. What is it that keeps you trying to better yourself and improve your riding?


For me as long as I’m having fun on the bike that’s all that matters. The better you get at riding the more fun it is. I use that philosophy to help myself progress and enjoy the process as I go.


What was your favourite thing about the Stumpy?


I really enjoyed riding the stumpy, it's lightweight and doesn’t even feel like a 29er when swinging it around. My favourite thing about it is the storage compartment in the frame, perfect for putting snacks and tubes in for long rides and I even managed to fit my jacket in there one time too!

How long have you been riding?


I have now been riding for 7 years and love it more every day! After starting off racing downhill I quickly realised the freedom and creativity of riding jumps was the direction I wanted to go rather than going against the clock.



Favourite riding spot and event? 


My favourite place to ride is Gorge Road dirt jumps here in Queenstown. During the summer you will catch me down there daily digging and riding with my friends. The jumps are currently under threat of being torn down which would be devastating for the scene, but with enough support from the locals and the world, hopefully they can stick around for many more summers to come.


My favourite event of the year is definitely Mcgazza Fest. An event that celebrates my childhood idol Kelly Mcgarry. Two days of riding with all my homies up Wynyard and Gorge road in honour of the big guy is always a fun time!

Current 'go to' bike?


I really enjoy riding the P3, the top tube length allows heaps of room up front to move around on the bike. Which allows you to throw the bars and swing your feet through a lot easier and that suits my riding style perfectly. Along with the short back end it makes the bike a lot more agile in the air and super fun to spin.


I cut my bar width down to 725mm, run a very small knob tire on the front and a slick tire on the back for traction but also good rolling speed. I also like to run 60 psi in my tires and max pressure in my forks.

What events are on the cards for the rest of 2021?


I’m looking forward to Crankworx this year, riding in Speed N Style and Whip Off gives me something to work towards and dial in my tricks. Last time in Rotorua I made it to the top 16 finals and I hope I can do better this time around and have fun while doing it! We have a similar jump to the Whip Off here in Queenstown which will be ideal to practice swinging off it.




Well, thanks for your time Matt. We can't wait to hang out at Crankworx and see you climb the ranks globally as your riding career progresses.  



Follow Matt online: www.instagram.com/mattbegg_


Video by Paul Rayner, Tiltshift Films: www.instagram.com/tiltshiftfilms/