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    Ready for Adventure?

    escape artist's ride out

    Calling all Escape Artists—what does “escape by bike” mean to you? Bikepacking? Getting out of town? Or just getting out of the house and away from it all? While all those escapes are valid, we’re breaking it down to its most simple definition and inviting you to join us for a ride sure to inspire the Escape Artist in you.

    Discover new horizons, new routes, and new trails as you escape the mundane, the usual, and the doldrums by bike. What are you waiting for? Spaces are limited, so find a ride near you, set aside about four hours for unbridled escape, and let’s go!

    Leading Ladies

    Worth It: Will Do

    You know who’s great at getting women riding bikes? Other women. Let’s celebrate those who're taking the lead and sharing the stoke to get more women and girls on bikes. Representation matters, because when we see each other out there, we’re inspired to get out there and ride, too.

    The Year Of Getting Things Done

    What bike-related goal will you crush in 2018? Will it be mastering a new skill, like bunny hopping or nailing tricky switchbacks? Maybe you'll declare that you simply want to ride more often or explore more? We know January is already gone, but we still have 11 long and opportunity-filled months to break out our bikes-let's make them count.

    To kick off the year of getting things done, we asked our athletes, ambassadors, and some Specialized employees to share their Worth It Will Do with us-something they intend to achieve or overcome in 2018. Some goals are going to change lives, some are deeply personal, but all will be 100% Worth It and inspire us all.

    Now It's Your Turn

    Set yourself a Worth It Will Do and then tell us what it is on

    Facebook. Go the whole nine yards and write that goal on a board and share the picture if you like-seriously, go for it, and tag it

    #whatsworthit. But however you choose to share, all we want to do is hear what you gutsy gals have in the works this year and help you achieve them. More on that later…

    Can't Think Of A Goal?

    No problem-we've done the thinking for you and compiled a list of possible Worth It Will Dos to add to your bucket list. And of course, we've taken it one step further and created a poster of those suggestions that you can print out (go big-we recommend Tabloid size). Stick it up anywhere, and throughout the year, it'll remind you of all the awesome things you could be doing.

    And in the tradition of "But wait, there's more," we've created a digital badge pack that'll help you give yourself a digital gold star on social whenever you crush a goal. There are 30 possible Will Dos on this list for you to cross off as the year progresses-how many are you down for?

    Getting Things Done, Together

    We're not just going to get you all fired up and declaring your goals only to leave you hanging. Throughout the year, we're going to share tips and information on how to cross some of the harder Will Dos off your list, with handy videos and articles to get you through. Some will be for new riders, some for those looking to expand their riding horizons. Stay tuned.

    Tip: Make It Public

    Just like in the video, write out what you will do in 2018, take a photo or video of you with your goal written out, and share and follow it on Instagram using the tag #whatsworthit. Remember to tag @iampecialized_wmn so we can see and get inspired by you ladies.

    Not every goal will change the world, but it will change you.