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    Keep Training at Home

    The Home Trainer

    It’s probably part of your daily routine to go for a ride shortly after you wake up. The good news is that your bike can be installed on a home trainer. Here are some tips to help you.

    Get installed

    Comfort is key

    First choose your location with, if possible, a room that can easily be ventilated and ventilated post-exercise. If the weather and your home allows it, you can also enjoy your terrace or balcony. For those who have connected models, an extension cord and a good Wi-Fi connection will do the trick.

    Pay attention to the level of your bike

    Keeping a good position is essential

    Choose a spot where the ground is flat. The front wheel must be raised to the same height as the rear wheel. Either you have a ready-made block delivered with your trainer or you can make one yourself (with old books for example). The best way to reduce noise is to isolate your trainer from the ground, there are specific mats sold directly by specialty brands. If you don't have one, a gym mat or even cork coasters or trivets will do the trick.

    How to enhance my ride

    Come ride with our athletes!

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    3, 2, 1… Ride

    It's Your Turn!

    You are now ready for your indoor training session. Don’t forget to share with us your sessions with us on social media. #iamspecialized #stayathome