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    OFF-LINE: Loïc Bruni

    There’s more to a racer than beats the clock.

    "“I've always seen him as a champion, but not specifically related to cycling. He's a champion as my brother.”"

    - Léa [Loïc's Sister]

    Loïc Bruni


    We all know 5x DH World Champion and 2x DH World Cup Overall winner Loïc “Super” Bruni is fast. That much is obvious. But it took more than raw speed to take an unforgettable 5th World Championship win in Les Gets. On home soil, amidst a sea of howling fans, Loïc flew to victory, buoyed by the deep love and caring support of his family and friends.
    It’s not just speed you see, Bruni’s got a certain je ne sais quoi.