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    Sirrus Carbon

    The Next Generation of Lightweight Comfort and Speed

    You have places to go, people to see, and fitness goals to achieve. We get it—life moves pretty fast, so it's a good thing we made the Sirrus to help you with all of it. Wherever you're heading, Sirrus will take you there.

    "Whatever Your Goals Are On The Bike, You Can Do Them With Sirrus."

    Future Shock

    Who Couldn't Use More Comfort?

    Smoother, faster, all-around more comfortable. We shouldn’t need an advanced degree to know how the Future Shock works—you just need one ride. It's a little piston inside the head tube that soaks up whatever bumps or rough stuff you might ride over with 20mm of suspension travel.

    Future Shock helps reduce impacts from a rough ride by nearly 40% when compared to bikes with heavy front suspension forks. Who needs the dead weight?
    *Available on select models

    On Sirrus X models, wider tires absorb road bumps, provide confidence in the dirt, and deliver greater stability at all speeds.