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We’re passionate about bicycles, and hard work and creativity are part of everything we do. Improving the riding experience for countless people is why we come in early, work hard, stay late, and engineer some of the best bicycles and equipment in the world. We ride everything we make, and so do our families, so both safety and awesome rides are incredibly personal for all of us. Counterfeit products are a direct challenge to this, and we take that challenge very personally. That’s why we devote considerable resources to stopping them, and we hope this guide will serve you in avoiding these dangerous products.

What to Do if You’ve Purchased a Counterfeit Product

If you suspect that you’ve purchased a counterfeit product, or see suspicious products for sale online, please report it to

[email protected]. Your safety is of the utmost importance to us, and counterfeit products threaten it. The best way to ensure you purchase safe, authentic Specialized products is to shop at an authorized Specialized Retailer or on specialized.com.

How to Spot a Fake

•   Missing Authentic stickers or badging
•   Flimsy, poorly printed packaging
•   Large fonts, misspelled words
•   Poor construction quality
•   Cheap looking materials
•   Loose stitching
•   Abnormally large logos
•   Includes other brand logos
•   Huge discount price

Identifying Counterfeit Products

Examples of counterfeit products, and ways to identify them, are shown below (marked by a red X). If you’ve purchased a product that looks like any of these counterfeit examples, please contact Specialized Brand Security for authentication.

How to Report Counterfeit Products

If you suspect you've purchased a counterfeit product, or you see suspicious products for sale online, please report it to

[email protected].