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    Mirror Technology

    The Perfect Reflection of You

    It’s our obsession to improve the ride through our Body Geometry method that breeds innovation. That obsession led to Mirror technology—a 3D printed matrix with a density that can be infinitely tuned in a way impossible with foam. Mirror saddles deliver the greatest combination of performance and pain relief of any saddle we’ve ever created, all validated by science.

    Mirror Variable-Density Matrix

    Unprecedented Sit Bone Support

    Supportive Cut-Out

    Soft Tissue Relief

    Carbon Rails and Base


    Ti Rails and rCF Base


    Power with Mirror

    Starting with our beloved Power shape, the S-Works Power and Power Pro with Mirror are topped with the exact same 3D printed matrix. The Pro saddle's carbon base uses our new rCF (reclaimed carbon fiber) process and sits on Ti rails, while the S-Works uses our lightest carbon base and rails

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    S-Works Romin EVO with Mirror

    Protecting blood flow and relieving pain in aggressive, race-inspired positions, the Romin EVO with Mirror reduces pressure up to 26% compared to traditional foam saddles. It uses a 3D printed matrix with 22,200 struts and 10,700 nodes and a unique concave carbon shell to deliver our thickest Mirror upper.

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    Our Best Reviewed Saddle Ever