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    Responsible Manufacturing

    Specialized is committed to working with business partners who share our commitment to social and environmental responsibility. We undertake the following activities to promote these values within our supply chains.

    Supplier Continuous Improvement

    We have teams for sourcing, engineering, quality, and social responsibility that are regularly engaged with our manufacturing partners. For manufacturing partners who are of strategic importance, we conduct a comprehensive audit that covers occupational health and safety, labor law compliance, as well as compliance with environmental regulations. When we discover issues, we work with the supplier to develop a corrective action plan with specific tasks and timelines. Through the consistent employment of these activities and in collaboration with our peers in the Responsible Sport Initiative, we've gained a better understanding of common challenges in our supply chain. This understanding helps us continue to improve our programs, our supplier's operations, and our industry.


    As founding members of the World Federation of the

    Sporting Goods Industry Responsible Sporting Initiative (RSI), we are collaborating with a coalition of leading brands and suppliers to create shared standards, tools, and a shared supplier database via the

    Fair Factories Clearing House. The RSI has enabled us to quickly and efficiently improve labor and environmental performance in our supply chain, and it serves as a model for what's possible when we collaborate to address shared challenges. If you are a bike brand or supplier, we welcome your participation. Please contact:

    [email protected]

    Code of Conduct

    Informed by the World Federation of Sporting Goods Industries (WFSGI) Code of Conduct, the Fair Labor Association, ILO conventions and adjusted to highlight prohibiting slavery and human trafficking. The Specialized Code of Conduct communicates our expectations and forms the foundation of our supplier audit program.