Men's Rockhopper

Where efficiency and capability cross paths on the trail, you'll find the Men's Rockhopper. The reasons are pretty simple. Sure, as a hardtail, it has some natural climbing ability, but what isn't so obvious is the low bottom bracket, roomy top tube, and ultra short chainstays. In other words, it puts out a planted, confident, and snappy ride over a diverse array of terrain. It's fast on the way up, and even faster on the way down.

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Men's Rockhopper Pro
p.2,936.00 p.2,936.00
Women's Rockhopper Pro
p.2,936.00 p.2,936.00
Men's Rockhopper Pro 1X
p.2,936.00 p.2,936.00
Women's Rockhopper Expert
p.2,184.00 p.2,184.00
Men's Rockhopper Expert
p.2,184.00 p.2,184.00
Men's Rockhopper Comp
p.1,643.00 p.1,643.00
Women's Rockhopper Comp
p.1,643.00 p.1,643.00
Men's Rockhopper Sport
p.1,408.00 p.1,408.00