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Off-Road Performance for All

The Recon Family

Inspired by the S-Works Recon, the Recon family has speed on its mind—whether it’s pedaling gravel all day long, stomping through mud, or tackling an impromptu hike-a-bike on the trail. Body Geometry comfort and game-changing technology available to all, the entire family is ready to take you anywhere, at maximum velocity.

On-Bike or Off-Bike, Recon Performs

Gravel, mud, that dusty cross-country trail you want to slay—with perfect fit and assured comfort proven by Body Geometry principles, the Recon family tackles it all with speed and confidence. Providing game changing off-bike performance, thanks to forefoot STRIDE Toe-Flex technology and water shedding with XPEL material, Recon does everything fast—even the speed at which they dry.

Born From S-Works

Every S-Works product we make is the ultimate manifestation of our Innovate or Die philosophy and the S-Works Recon is no exception. This performance heritage and classic style are shared with every member of the new Recon family, but with new features that put a premium on more than crossing finish lines first.