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Men's Diverge Comp E5


2018 Men's Diverge Comp E5

Made for exploring new roads, commuting to class, and everything in between, the Diverge Comp E5 redefines how many functions one bike can fulfill.

With a completely redesigned frame, the new Diverge is more capable than ever. And with the constant goal to best meet your needs, we took your number one request into account—tyre clearance. The new frame will comfortably fit up to 700x42mm tyres with plenty of room for mud, too. Along with tyre clearance, weight was a large factor in the development, and taking some design cues from the development of the Roubaix, we developed an E5 Premium Aluminium frame that's plenty light, certainly stiff for hard efforts, and undeniable durable.

Next up, we moved away from a traditional 'cross geometry, instead opting for something that hasn't been seen before—Open Road Geometry. We know what you're thinking, ",it's just another marketing term,", but for the Diverge, we truly did develop an entirely new geometry. With a touch less hyperbole, you can think of it as a road version of modern trail bike geometry. It provides playful handling and predictable steering for endless dirt skids and mid-corner drifts. The geo features a bottom bracket that's over a half-centimeter lower than the previous Diverge, a slacked-out head tube angle, short chainstays, and a short wheelbase. These changes make for a bike that's not only fun in the dirt, but also performs well on the road.

And while riding gravel and dirt roads on a road bike may add to the adventure, there's only so much that wider tyres with lower pressures can absorb, in terms of bumps. With this in mind, we implemented a new version of our Future Shock into the Diverge design. It not only soaks up bumps with ease, but also adds the benefit of extremely predictable handling. That's because the wheelbase isn't lengthening when you hit a bump, so the front end of the Diverge keeps the same effective head tube angle. In other words, when you dive hard into a turn, you won't be surprised by under steer or sloppy handling. Unlike the original Future Shock, the Diverge's version features a progressive spring that makes this technology more suitable for off-road applications, where stiffer suspension is often needed to soak-up larger bumps and obstacles.

To add to its multifaceted talents, we topped this Diverge off with three water bottle mounts, plus mounts for racks and fenders, so it's equally adept at long trips as it is to short rides to the local brewery. The Diverge E5 Elite frame is topped off with a reliable Shimano 105 groupset, hassle-free mechanical-disc brakes from Tektro, and a durable pair of Axis Elite wheels.

Technical Specifications

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Specialized E5 Premium Aluminum, Future Shock Progressive suspension, 20mm of travel, threaded BB, 12x142mm thru-axle, flat mount disc



Axis Elite Disc


Axis Elite Disc


Espoir Sport, 60 TPI, wire bead, double BlackBelt protection, 700x30mm


Espoir Sport, 60 TPI, wire bead, double BlackBelt protection, 700x30mm


700x28/38mm, 48mm Presta valve



Diverge disc, FACT carbon fiber, flat mount disc, 12x100mm thru-axle



Specialized Shallow Drop, 6061, 70x125mm, 31.8mm clamp


Specialized, 3D forged alloy, 4-bolt, 7-degree rise


Specialized S-Wrap


Body Geometry Toupé Sport, steel rails, 143mm


Specialized, alloy, single bolt, 27.2mm


Alloy rack mount seat collar, 31.8mm



Shimano 105


Shimano 105 Ez, braze-on


Shimano 105, 11-speed


Shimano 105, 11-speed, 11-32t


Praxis Alba 2D


KMC X11EL, 11-speed w/ Missing Link™





Tektro Spyre, flat mount, mechanical disc


Tektro Spyre, flat mount, mechanical disc



Nylon, 105x78x28mm, loose balls w/ reflectors

* Weights based on production painted frames as pictured. Actual weights will vary based on colourway, frame size, and component variation. Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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Crank Length170mm170mm172.5mm172.5mm175mm175mm175mm
Handlebar Width400mm420mm420mm420mm440mm440mm440mm
Stem Length70mm90mm100mm100mm110mm110mm120mm
Saddle Width143mm143mm143mm143mm143mm143mm143mm
Seatpost Length350mm350mm400mm400mm400mm400mm400mm
Head Tube Length108mm128mm155mm178mm194mm90mm95mm
Head Tube Angle70.8°71°71.9°72.5°72.5°72.8°73°
BB Height265mm265mm265mm265mm265mm265mm265mm
BB Drop85mm85mm85mm85mm85mm85mm85mm
Fork Length, Full390mm390mm390mm390mm390mm390mm390mm
Fork Rake/Offset50mm50mm50mm50mm50mm55mm55mm
Front Centre593mm597mm599mm604mm618mm629mm641mm
Chainstay Length419mm419mm421mm421mm421mm421mm423mm
Top Tube Length, Horizontal524mm532mm549mm561mm575mm589mm609mm
Bike Standover Height704mm726mm752mm776mm801mm815mm846mm
Seat Tube Length405mm440mm473mm500mm525mm555mm585mm
Seat Tube Angle73°73.5°73.5°73.5°73.5°74°74°

Rider Reviews

  • 4.8
  • 8 Reviews

Love this bike

I've been an avid rider since 1971. Over the years I've owned many bikes. Right now I have three bikes; An Italian brand carbon road bike, a Specialized Epic, and now this E5 Diverge in a size large. I switched out the tires to a handmade 35mm gravel tire, installed a longer stem, and installed the Specialized CG-R seat post and this rig fits like a dream and offers a very smooth ride. I wondered if the future shock would be bothersome on smooth asphalt when climbing a hill out of the saddle. The truth is, you don't even notice it. I never really notice it weather on gravel, pavement, or dirt. It just does its job in smoothing the ride. Point it down a steep gravel road and pedal with confidence. It goes where you want it to. It's absolutely amazing for the amount of money it costs. I love the Axis Elite wheels, and the Praxis cranks are stiff, shift great, and spin fast and smooth.They are quite impressive. The 48x32 chainring combo with the 11-34 cassette is also excellent. This bike is a blast! When I bought it, I also bought one for my wife, and she loves hers as well. They are miles of smiles no matter the road.



Just pre-ordered the 2019

This is going to be a great bike with one caveat so far. With all the attention to detail with lowering the bottom bracket, slacking the head tube, and updating future shock...how does Specialized miss the opportunity to add the ability to purchase a SWAT box aftermarket and put it on this bike? It seems like a huge miss and a wasted opportunity to sell more Specialized products. Come on Specialized!!!



Best bike I've ever owned

All around performance. Its great on the road and good in trail or gravel. If you're looking for an all around great cycle you will not be disappointed with this ride. I've used this commuting to work, paved and gravel trails I've even taken it out several times on not so crazy single track. There's nothing this bike can't do. Would recommend upgrading to a new wheelset if you plan on doing much trail riding.



Oh yea

If you ride long and adventure stirs your soul this is the bike for you. I've had my Diverge out on back to back days of over 300km with terrain varying from chip seal to gravel and then smooth highway verge and it eats it all up while taking care of me along the way. I'm upgrading the wheel set to something custom with a dynamo hub and getting ready for more adventures with my new best friend.

Todd E.


Comfy road bike

This is a comfy road bike, low 20's on weight. Future shock works without bobbing or you noticing- does knock on some bumps but makes it very comfy no hand stings on potholes, good geometry like a mountain/road bike hybrid geo. Had some internal cable rattling- shop put rubber tubing over insides to help. put better tires on and speed increased quite a lot. Not a racer but very good endurance comfort cycling



E5 Comp...The Do-It-All bike

There's not a road or trail that I haven't been able to ride with this bike. It has completely replaced my road bike and has even ventured out in terrain I typically ride my hardtail on. The upright sitting position feels great. Paired with the Specialized Power saddle, endurance rides are much more comfortable than my road specific bike. I just ordered a set of 650b wheels and can't wait to take it out for more adventures.



Perfect Allrounder

Commuting to work, long weekend adventure rides and backcountry bike packing trips are all handled with ease, I have never ridden a bike that is so compliant. Looking forward to getting a set of 650B wheels when funds allow and running some 40mm tires on local Kangaroo Valley single track.



E5 Comp is Fantastic

""Love"" is not a strong enough word; I use my E5 Comp for road riding, and for that task it performs exceptionally well. The bike is light, very responsive, stiff where you need it and forgiving when the road gets rough. The Future Shock makes a tremendous difference in reducing upper body fatigue. The 105 group set is virtually indestructible and smooth. For the money, the E5 Comp trim is the biggest bang for the buck. An all around phenomenal package. The only negative is that I'm seeing more wear and tear on the outer Praxis chainring (where I spend most of my time) after 600 miles than I expected, and I keep my drivetrain serviced, spotless, and lubricated.