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Cooler Heads Prevail

S-Works Prevail II Vent

Cooler heads will always prevail, which is why the S-Works Prevail II Vent is the coolest helmet we’ve ever made. Its massive cooling power helps better regulate your body’s temperature to keep you cooler so that you’ll always be ready when your ride heats up.

More Unobstructed Airflow

We took everything that the S-Works Prevail II was doing right, and did it even better. One of the greatest benefits resulted from the removal of a total of seven foam “bridges” from the center and sides to create more effective ventilation channels. A 20% increase in the vented areas allows air to flow more efficiently throughout the entire helmet.

18% Faster Airflow = The Coolest Helmet We've Ever Made

Channeling Cool

The expansive channels of the S-Works Prevail II Vent move air across your head 18% faster than the original Prevail II. The faster air moves across your head, the faster heat is whisked away from your head and the cooler you remain—it’s called “convective heat transfer”. This all adds up to the coolest helmet we’ve ever made. Yup, we’ve done the math.

q = hc*A*(∆T) - Convective Heat Transfer equation

The Pro's Choice

It’s no accident the world’s top pros choose the S-Works Prevail II Vent, it keeps them cooler so they can ride faster. Cooler is faster after all. At the biggest races around the world, the S-Works Prevail II Vent will be featured atop the coolest heads in the peloton.