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Men's Ultralight Liner Bib Shorts with SWAT™

We’ve kept everything you love about our SWAT liners – innovative cargo solutions for water, food, tools and anything else you need on your ride – and utilized new fabrics that make them feel amazing against your body yet disappear under your baggies. As always, these SWAT Liners integrate seamlessly with all our MTB Apparel.

Let's start with what many might consider these shorts' most innovative feature, the SWAT™ technology. We were able to create a patent-pending design that houses two integrated SWAT™ pockets on the shorts themselves. The pockets sit flush against the body, and they're shaped and structured to ensure that their contents won't ever come bouncing out.

As for the shorts themselves, we designed them to stand on their own, not literally, but in the sense that you'd love wearing them with or without the nifty pockets. To do so, we made them with new VaporRize™ mesh fabrics that take lightweight to the extreme for a comfortable ride and incredible moisture wicking to keep you dry and comfortable, while the 8.5-inch inseam plays nicely with shorts when you're layering.

For the chamois, you'll get our 3D Chamois insert that's shaped for your body ensuring that it keeps pressure off of soft tissue like nothing else on the market, while also providing enhanced blood flow and plenty of support while in the saddle. We could go even further with medical explanations on why it's so awesome, but what's more important to you is that it's extremely comfortable.

Rider Reviews

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I'm wearing these 100% of my riding time...

... because these are the only chamois shorts that don't maneuver me into a % sign in the front. Some shorts make me feel like a bug hitting the windshield and balling up. Not in these shorts, and the bib helps keep everything where it needs to be. Such as, the pockets... the new, higher placement of the SWAT pockets won't force your outer shorts down like the older models did. Lastly, SWAT is more marketable than Junk in the Trunk.

Pedal P.