The Venge's aero shape wasn't conceived in our Win Tunnel—it started with code and ended in the tunnel after countless iterations.

A New Approach

We created custom optimization software that generates thousands of tube shapes and analyzes them based on aerodynamics, surface area, and stiffness. This process resulted in a collection of shapes that we call the FreeFoil Shape Library, and they're the building blocks of the new Venge.

Not All Aero Shapes are Created Equal

We could build a bike that looks the same as the Venge from 10 feet away, but every millimeter matters. The aero shapes of the Venge, after all, have been both perfectly and precisely designed to optimize for aerodynamics, weight, and handling. It's a beautiful balance, and this optimization creates a ride that feels perfectly tuned—the slightest change would throw the whole design out of balance.


Whether you’re chasing KOMs, sprinting for glory, or just wanting to go faster, the eight seconds of savings over the Venge ViAS are going to help make your dreams a reality.

A decade of data acquisition, thousands of prototype frames through our Test Lab, and real-world validation from the best professional race teams in the world have led to bikes with stiffness where it counts. And all this has led the Venge to a ride that can be most simply described as "sublime."

Every Size as It Should Be

Every frame uses a layup schedule, design, and materials that are entirely unique to its respective frame size in order to hit these aggressive performance targets. And while you can't always see these changes, you'll feel the mercurial accelerations and the bump-eating compliance on every ride.

More aero optimization, more configuration options, and as adjustable as ever before—that's what integration is bringing to the table on the new Venge.
All Together

The S-Works Aerofly II takes its shape from our FreeFoil Shape Library, and when combined with the new stem's dropped handlebar clamp, we were able to design the fastest cockpit on the road. The cables are hidden underneath the stem and are blocked from the wind by the handlebars. The headset spacers, meanwhile, make a seamless transition from the head tube to the stem. And through our pro team collaborations, not to mention a certain World Champion, the Venge cockpit has been made to be the stiffest out there—good luck flexing it in the sprints. And if you were wondering, the headset spacers are optimized for aerodynamics.

Simplicity is Key

Aero is Everything, but integration makes life easier. With the new cockpit, you can add or remove spacers with ease, take it apart for travel, swap stem lengths—it’s all easier now. And while the greatest stiffness and aero benefits are found when the cockpit is used as a system, each part is modular, so you can run any bar/stem combination you want.