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Specialized Soil Searching

A Dirt Revolution

Trail builders are the unsung heroes of mountain biking. We are changing that. Specialized Soil Searching is a movement to recognize, celebrate, and support the trail builders who help shape our sport and our stoke.

We host, we dig!

We host Specialized Soil Searching Dig Days around the world. They’re a chance to connect with your trail community—to get your hands dirty, build awesome trails, ride bikes, eat warm food, drink a cold beverage, and meet great people. Keep an eye on Specialized Soil Searching for information on upcoming dig day opportunities.

Crosskovácsi Bike Park

Dig Day Hungary

„In Hungary, there 2 places where building trails is legal and supported, and one of them is Nagykovácsi Bike Park. It is the place where we will have the dig day. It is about 10-15 km from downtown of Budapest, so with a bike you can be there in 30 minutes, but most people bring their ebike or enduro there.

The park belongs to the organizer of the biggest XC and marathon competitions of the country (CROSSKOVÁCSI), but they are really opened for e-bike organizations and teams too, so they are gathering these communities too. The part itself is more about beginners and XC and all-mountain trails rather than huge gravity lines, but with the dig day, we will create more advanced lines too. The reason why a lot of people like this is that it has a lot of flowy trails with smaller jumps, berms, corners. To learn more, follow this link: https://www.crosskovacsi.hu/en/about-us/about-the-association

Because SW BIKE KFT has a really good connection with this organization (they also take part in organizing e-bike categories on the events and they support the organization and events with a lot of things) the dig day will seriously involve Crosskovácsi and SW BIKE KFT communities combined.”

By the Numbers

In 2019 and 2020 Specialized Soil Searching Supported: