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Unleash Your Dream Ride

The Specialized App

With advanced performance tracking, seamless partner app integration, and Turbo e-bike management, the all-new Specialized app takes cycling and connectivity to the next level.

Get The Most From Your Bike

Ultimate Control and Customization

With a Turbo e-bike and the Specialized app, you’ll have unprecedented levels of personalization and performance optimization. Fine-tune your bike’s power delivery and battery output to support your riding style, from lightning-fast commutes to all-day mountain adventures. Combined with the ability to customize the display to see the stats that matter to you most, you’re in complete control of your ride experience. Plus, timely system status alerts and service reminders ensure you’ll get years of flawless performance.

Enjoy The Ride

In Real Time, As Planned

Advanced ride recording for all bikes tracks your activity and delivers your data in real-time, so you can turn up your effort or dial it back, depending on what you’re looking to achieve on the day.

Get The Specialized App