Every bike in our line of Turbo e-bikes has one goal—to be a bike first, with a little extra oomph, and the Turbo Kenevo is no exception. And with 180-millimeters of trail-eating travel, the Turbo Kenevo will have you doing lap after lap of the steepest, gnarliest trails you can find.


Kenevo not only gives you the power to rider bigger trails, you get more power. Period. The motor is redesigned to deliver 15% more power, plus it's 10% more efficient and Rx-tuned for trail riding, so it's quieter, smoother, and just all-around better.



Fully integrated with the down tube for easy removal and quick charging, it has a long lifespan and a position on the frame meant for optimal weight distribution. Our Mission Control App also gives you full control of the battery and lets you easily switch between modes without taking your hands from the bars.



We're happy to say that the Kenevo delivers 180mm of travel at the front & rear and features a geometry that's purpose-driven to perform on the steep and deep.


Mission Control

App This app helps you overcome "battery range anxiety" by allowing you to custom tune nearly every aspect of the bike, creating a ride that's truly yours.

The Power to Ride Bigger Trails

Introducing the Turbo Kenevo

When we launched the Turbo Levo, one of the first things we heard was, “That’s cool, but do you have one with more travel?” The answer is yes. Yes, we do. It's called the Turbo Kenevo.

It's You, Only Faster

Turbo Technology

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