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Power. Weight. Range.

Chasing the Dream

Innovation at Specialized never stops. Turbo Mission Control data and rider surveys give us unique opportunities to understand how riders use our bikes, so we can make their rides even better. We went to our Full Power Turbo riders to discover how we could improve their experience and found 80% of rides happened in Eco Mode (the lowest level of assistance). And riders told us they’d be willing to lose the top speed mode to save 10 lbs from their bike. We discovered a need for a new kind of e-bike experience—one that offers riders a better balance of ride amplification without losing the more natural feel of riding that they love. So, in 2015, our Swiss engineering team launched a mission to create a new kind of e-bike that eliminates any need to compromise between power, weight, range, and ride quality.

We emerged with Super Light System technology, Specialized’s dream blend of performance, portability, and possibility. The SL system combines smooth power (up to twice your physical output), revolutionary weight (40% lighter than typical e-bikes), and increased range (up to 120 miles with Range Extender), all while delivering ride characteristics that you’d expect from the very best unassisted bikes.

It’s You, only Faster

Super Light System technology is all about empowering the rider with bikes that blaze a middle lane between traditional analog ones and fully amplified e-bikes. SL pedal assistance doubles your effort, forging a bionic partnership that will have you zooming over trails and zipping through streets.

You determine how much the quietly powerful 240-watt Super Light motor amplifies your ride, from a slight nudge up hills to top speeds of up to 28 miles per hour. Or take all the guesswork out of ride planning completely to ensure you never run out of power on your ride. Go into our Mission Control app and activate Smart Control, enter your distance or time and the bike manages power distribution based on rider performance, altitude changes, and even helps riders who use a heart monitor ensure they stay in their target range.

How'd we pull it off? Our engineering and design teams collaborated to optimize the balance between frame weight, battery capacity, and motor system, resulting in a dramatic reduction to overall weight. Super Light System technology delivers the nimble, sophisticated performance you expect from every Specialized bike, but with added e-bike functionality. SL bikes are so light, you’ll forget they’re electric.

It was worth it: Super Light bikes look and ride like the best un-assisted bikes, but pack a game-changing boost, whether you’re cruising streets on the Vado SL, chasing dirt on the Creo EVO SL, or taking a few extra laps on the Levo SL. The custom Mission Control app lets you smartly harness that power by adjusting motor and battery output, customizing preset features, monitoring diagnostics, and tracking sharable ride info. You can even name your bike, and really, why wouldn’t you?

A Ride for Every Rider