The Power to Ride More Trails

"You have to try it. I mean, you can feel however you like to feel about it, but it's really fun to ride."
— Matt Hunter

"You have to try it. I mean, you can feel however you like to feel about it, but it's really fun to ride."
— Matt Hunter

Turbo Levo

Smarter Rides Await

As Silicon Valley natives, we’re passionate about marrying cutting-edge technology with life-changing experiences like trail riding. And as the makers of the first production mountain bike, we have a leg up on the rest, so we deliver a ride like nothing you’ve ever experienced. The revolution has started, and its name is Turbo Levo.


Full-suspension or hardtail, no matter your style or terrain, we have you covered.


We got 40 cells into a strong, rattle-free case for 504 watt-hours of range, while leaving it easily removable, so you can charge from wherever you like.


The motor uses tightly-pack coils surrounding premium Neodymium magnets, and it gets instructions from our custom software before amplifying your power.


With Bluetooth® and ANT+ communication, you can tune the motor output to your liking, as well as customize your range.


By opting for a belt, instead of a chain, we’re able to keep the motor silent and free of annoying vibrations.


You're In Control

Meet the Turbo Levo’s motor. It’s eerily silent and adds up to 530 watts of pedal-assisted power to your ride. To run, it uses custom software that senses the torque you’re applying in each pedal stroke, and an algorithm amplifies the power that you’re putting in. The more power that you apply, the more power it puts out. It even allows you to custom tune it, so you can ride in your sweet spot for an intuitive feel and ride quality. It’s all up to you.


The Power is in Your Hands

Like the motor, it’s customizable and fully integrated, however, it’s also easily removable, so you can charge it from wherever you want. While you’re riding, you can control the range, so you’ll never be left to pedal home unassisted.

You have to try it. I mean, you can feel however you like to feel about it, but it’s really fun to ride.

Matt Hunter
Mission Control Smartphone App

A Touch Away

The battery’s set-up with ANT+ and Bluetooth® communication functionality in order to control the tuning from our Mission Control smartphone app. Now, you’re able to demonstrate total control over every facet of the battery and motor, as well as the ability to upload routes to get turn-by-turn navigation. You can even sync the battery with your route, and it’ll automatically adjust its output to ensure you have a charge for your whole ride.

Levo and You

By now, you’re probably asking yourself, “What does all this mean to me?” Good question and the answer is simple: Everything. Want the power to ride more trails without compromising the feel of a proper trail bike? You got it. Would getting an extra lap in at lunch make your day better? Not a problem. Looking to overcome an injury that’s been holding you back in the saddle? Consider things on an even keel. No matter how you ride, who you are, or how long you’ve been finding refuge on the trail, the Turbo Levo just makes your ride better. It’s really just as simple as that.