Not all heroes wear capes—unless they’re in the costume division—but the two lady ‘cross bosses of Team TSH x Specialized don’t need them anyway. Because, as they leap tall barriers in a single bound, their Tenspeed Hero livery will give them wings. To celebrate this newly-minted team, we’re giving you the chance to get a little Tenspeed Hero action of your own with the TSH x Specialized Collection.

The best kind of team is a balanced one, where each member brings something different to the table. And while both riders on Team TSH x Specialized may have different backgrounds, experiences, and strengths, Ruby West and Sarah Sturm combine their individual talents to push towards the shared goal—to absolutely crush at ‘cross this season.

Hometown: Durango, Colorado, USA
Day Job: Graphic Designer
Years Racing: 10
Best Skill: I can suffer until I can't see straight, and then suffer some more.
Best Result: 2nd US Nationals, Single-Speed

Hometown: Dundas, Ontario, CAN
Day Job: University student
Years Racing: 5
Best Skill: Starts or run-ups & running features
Best Result: Winning the Canadian U23 National Championships

Fun. Crazy. Sufferfest. No matter how you describe ‘cross, there’s no denying that it’s a good time and a precursor to the long winter to come. And this season, we're giving you two thumbs up to go ahead—drift that sand pit and take that beer hand-up. Just make sure you're doing it on a CruX.

S-Works 7
“You Make It, You Break It”—an art piece by Leah Guadagnoli—is sprinkled upon these shoes like fairy dust. The design is described as a balance of geometry, nostalgia, and history—three elements that could just as easily be talking about the S-Works 7 shoes. Your feet deserve the power of the S-Works 7, and you deserve this style boost.
S-Works Evade
It’s aero, it’s light, it breathes like nobody’s business—and now, it has some real limited-edition style to boot. The Evade has always turned heads, and the edition found in the TSH x Specialized Collection is set to turn yours. Win-Tunnel-tested and rider-approved, you need to give this lid a home.